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Algester Little Athletics Centre Captains



Congratulations to our 2023-24 season Centre Captains 

Phoenix Mackay & Joshua Kopittke.


Are you interested in becoming an Algester Little Athletics Centre Captain, or perhaps know someone who should be nominated?  Please read below for more details:


It is expected that Centre Captains will be role models for our younger athletes at all times. What
they do and how they behave is observed by every other athlete and parent/spectator at the Centre.  
There is the expectation that they will (unless injury or illness prevents):


  • Attend and compete in our Centre Carnival.

  • Nominate and compete in all events for their Age Group at Regional Relays and lead the team in the March Past during competition.

  • Attend Regional & State Relays as a competitor or spectator.

  • Attend Regional & State Championships as a competitor or spectator.

  • Assist at warm up prior to weekly competition.

  • Assist with younger age groups if required.

  • Attend fundraising functions or other events wherever possible.

  • Attend and assist at sign on days.

  • Officiating or helping at events.

  • Handing out awards and certificates during weekly competition days.

We appreciate that athletes may be involved in other sports and recognise that other commitments may sometimes prevent them from attending all of the above - however the expectation is that they will give the Centre priority wherever possible.

Our Centre Captains are required to observe centre athletes throughout the season and select a
recipient for the Centre Captains Award (criteria will be supplied).

Centre Captains are also required to present a Season Report at Trophy Presentation Day.

Thank you to our previous Centre Captains for your outstanding contribution to our Centre.....
2023/24    Phoenix Mackay & Joshua Kopittke
2022/23    Isabella Loh Zumaeta & Zackary Epitropakis
2021/22    Seini Piutau, Tiana Kopittke & Nikeisha Ngaru
2020/21    Alex Epitropakis & Lauren Heath

2019/20    Kaiza Paulson & Rylee O'Shaughessy
2018/19    Ethan Mamahit & Angelina Tignani
2017/18    Dylan Kruck
2016/17    Jordyn Ryan & Amy Ike    
2015/16    James Telford & Grace Ike  
2012/13    Simon O'Dwyer-Mazur & Breanna Horvat 
2011/12    Bayley Lau & Amy MacGregor
2010/11    Adam Constanti  & Cortney Cook
2009/10    Matt Alexander & Kellie Wakeford 
2008/09    Jordan Shyu & Jessica Williams
2007/08    Matthew Woods & Stephanie Oldenburg
2006/07    Joshua Ralph & Justine Bishop
2005/06    Daniel Woods & Rachel Banks 
2004/05    Nathan Morris & Rebecca Williams
2003/04    Mitchell Knight & Angela Hagan
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