Our 2020/21 Season Centre Captains

Centre Captains - An Overview



Are you interested in becoming an Algester Little Athletics Centre Captain, or perhaps know someone who should be nominated?  Please read below for more details:


It is expected that Centre Captains will be role models for our younger athletes at all times. What
they do and how they behave is observed by every other athlete and parent/spectator at the Centre.  
There is the expectation that they will (unless injury or illness prevents):


  • Attend and compete in our Centre Carnival

  • Nominate and compete in all events for their Age Group at Regional Relays and lead the team in the March Past during competition.

  • Attend State Relays as a competitor or spectator.

  • Nominate and compete in events at Regional Championships.

  • Attend State Championships as a competitor or spectator.

  • Assist at warm up prior to weekly competition.

  • Assist with younger age groups if required.

  • Attend fundraising functions wherever possible.

  • Attend and assist at sign on days.

  • Consider becoming an official.

We appreciate that athletes may be involved in other sports and recognise that other commitments may sometimes prevent them from attending all of the above - however the expectation is that they will give the Centre priority wherever possible.

Centre Captains are required to observe centre athletes throughout the season and select a
recipient for the Centre Captains Award (criteria will be supplied).

Centre Captains are also required to present a Season Report at Trophy Presentation Day.

Thank you to our previous Centre Captains for your outstanding contribution to our Centre.....
2020/21    Alex Epitropakis & Lauren Heath
2019/20    Kaiza Paulson & Rylee O'Shaughessy
2018/19    Ethan Mamahit & Angelina Tignani
2017/18    Dylan Kruck
2016/17    Jordyn Ryan & Amy Ike    
2015/16    James Telford & Grace Ike  
2012/13    Simon O'Dwyer-Mazur & Breanna Horvat 
2011/12    Bayley Lau & Amy MacGregor
2010/11    Adam Constanti  & Cortney Cook
2009/10    Matt Alexander & Kellie Wakeford 
2008/09    Jordan Shyu & Jessica Williams
2007/08    Matthew Woods & Stephanie Oldenburg
2006/07    Joshua Ralph & Justine Bishop
2005/06    Daniel Woods & Rachel Banks 
2004/05    Nathan Morris & Rebecca Williams
2003/04    Mitchell Knight & Angela Hagan