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Blue Card Policy

Queensland Little Athletics has a member protection policy and regulations that are aimed at fostering growth and development of athletes in the organisation in a safe and nurturing environment.  This policy is compliant with QLAA policies and State Government Legislation.  The State Government Legislation [“Children and Young People Act (2000)] stipulates that all members of an organisation who are in contact with children, should have a “Blue Card”.


The “Blue Card”, which is issued by the Queensland Government, is evidence that a “Working with Children” Suitability Check has been undertaken by the Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian.  Any volunteers who do not have children registered and participating in the Centre activities must provide proof of their current Blue Card prior to, being allowed to volunteer their services to the Centre, Region and Association.  Even if you do have children participating in little athletics, you still may obtain a blue card if you chose. 


As a volunteer, it is free to apply for a blue card.  You will be required to fill in the necessary application form and provide it to our Centre Manager or Secretary, along with the 2 necessary forms of identification stated in the forms (eg. drivers licence and medicare card).  We will complete the ‘Organisation Details’ application form and submit it on your behalf.  If you already have a blue card, please feel free to provide us with a copy and we will include it in our blue card register.  Please click on the below button for an application form and information sheet.

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