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Algester Centre Championships

Algester Little Athletics Centre Championships are usually held over the last two weekends of our season.


Our Centre Championships are our ‘grand final’ days, and every athlete registered with Algester Little Athletics Centre is encouraged to participate in the Championships, and in all events for their age group.  All athletes who compete at the Centre Championships will receive a participation trophy at our Trophy Presentation Day.  Trophies are also awarded to Age Champion or Runner Up in each age group (one for boys and one for girls).

In order for athletes to be eligible for Age Champion or Runner Up in any age group, athletes must have competed in at least 50% of eligible Centre competitions.  Additionally, in order to receive points in a particular event, athletes must also have competed in that event at least twice during the season at eligible Centre competitions.  It is still possible for an athlete to achieve Age Champion or Runner Up if they have not competed twice in each event, but it may be more difficult to achieve if an athlete does not obtain points in each event in the championships. 

Importantly, parents / carers must have also helped out at least 4 times during the course of the season in order for their children to qualify for an award or trophy at the conclusion of the season.  Please click on the link for further information about what is required. 

All athletes must be attired in correct Centre Uniform complete with Registration Number, Age Label and Coles patch.  This includes royal blue bike pants or shorts.  No multi-coloured / black / dark blue shorts or bike pants will be permitted.  Athletes who are not in the correct uniform will be unable to compete until uniform infringements have been rectified.

In order to set a new Centre Championships Best Performance (CCBP) or equal an existing CCBP, an athlete must have competed in at least 50% of eligible Centre competitions and must have competed in that event at least twice during eligible Centre competitions.

Athletes must compete in at least one event in Centre Championships in order to receive a participation trophy (subject to parent participation requirements being met).


Some additional points of clarification are below:


  • Centre days which were cancelled due to rain still count toward the 50% attendance requirement. They are usually entered as a 'participate' in Results HQ.


  • Attendance at the annual Algester carnival does not count toward the 50% participation.


  • Participation in our annual life members pentathlon does count toward the overall 50% participation and toward the number of times an athlete has participated in a particular event.


  • If an athlete receives 3 fouls or is disqualified during an event on one of our centre days, the event still counts as ‘participation’ in that event – please ensure that athletes are included in the results for that event though.  For example, if an athlete does not finish a track event, the athlete must attend the recording table to receive a participated ticket and have their name recorded (DNF).


  • If an event/s is abandoned due to rain, athletes who attended the centre competition that day will still receive a ‘participate’ in that event.  Athletes who did not participate in any events (ie. if competition is cancelled midway) will not receive a 'participation' that day.


  • Attendance at other carnivals or LAQ events does not count toward the 50% attendance requirement – the necessary attendance must be at eligible Algester Little Athletics Centre competitions. 

Click here for 2025 centre champs program
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